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7 Winterizing Tips to prep your Modular & Portable Buildings


“Weather” or not it snows where you are, winterizing your modular & portable buildings is important to complete before the colder weather hits.

If you are renting your buildings, call your supplier to check what to do or even schedule a technician to complete the winterization work for you. But if you own your buildings, you might want to save some money and do it yourself.

Here are 7 things to do before the first frost:

  1. If your building includes plumbing, check or plug in heat tape for the fixtures below the floor. Check with your water supply service if you have water brought in weekly.
  2. Check the building for water leaks from plumbing or the mateline. The mateline is the seam that connects two or more modules together. You’re looking for dried water spots on the ceiling, floor, walls, etc.
  3. Is the seam at the mateline on the floor and ceiling still level or has your building settled? You will need to call your modular building supplier to re-level your building if the modules have shifted.
  4. Have you installed skirting around the exterior of your building? Skirting can help keep your building warmer during the colder seasons of the year. In colder climates, you may want to look into Polar Insulated Skirting for extra insulation.
  5. Check all doors and windows to make sure they close and seal properly.
  6. Have the HVAC serviced. This includes the coils cleaned, filters changed, and supply and return grilles dusted.
    Here’s a video with step-by-step instructions on how to change the HVAC filter in Satellite Shelters Mobile Offices: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ms3BRmKrQbI]
  7. After it is serviced, test the HVAC to make sure the heat and thermostat both work properly.

Satellite Shelters completes these things and more in our winterizing service package. Contact our staff today to schedule a technician visit or to get your winterizing questions answered: http://www.satelliteco.com/contact-us/request-quote/

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5 Things to ask your Mobile Office Supplier

Renting or purchasing a mobile office or modular building doesn’t need to be sCarY, here are 5 things to ask your provider before signing on the dotted line.


1. What features are available on your mobile offices?
Suppliers will usually have standard stock sizes and floor plans that they have for rent, lease, or purchase. Make sure the building you want has all the features you need, such as restrooms, private offices, conference rooms, break rooms, and classrooms. Many times, suppliers can add or remove walls for an additional cost. So, if the floor plan doesn’t fit your needs, be sure to ask if the building can be modified.

Here are a few standard sizes and floor plans to look at: http://www.satelliteco.com/products/mobile-offices/

2. Does the company encourage you to tour their facilities?
Before signing a contract or making a big purchase, it’s always good to see the product you’ll receive once the order is placed. If your mobile office or modular building supplier doesn’t offer for you to come see the building that you’re ordering, ask them. And while you’re there, get a tour of their sales and operations departments, too.

3. How long has the company been in the mobile / modular building business?
When it comes to the delivery and setup of your mobile and modular buildings, experience is key. Make sure you’re working with a supplier that knows what they’re doing and specializes in the type of work they’re completing.

Satellite Shelters, Inc. has been in business since 1972 and we specialize in space for the construction, education, medical, commercial, and petrochemical industries. We have 14 offices nationwide with an average tenure of 10 years of experience in the modular building industry. Rest assured that we employ the very best to handle anything our customers need.

4. Is a quality product important to your company?
Remember that tour we were talking about earlier? Take a look at the products and buildings you’re NOT buying to get a sense of the type of care they put into buildings that are sitting on the fence, waiting for the next customer.

At Satellite Shelters, our employees take great pride in the condition of each and every building whether it’s delivering to a customer today, or next month. Be sure to read about Satellite’s 50-point Inspection Process.

5. What other products and services do you offer?
After you’ve decided on a mobile office or modular building, what other products and services do you need? Furniture, portable restrooms, or storage? What about relocating or refurbishing services for the building itself?

Satellite Shelters offers a wide variety of office furniture to fit your needs, including tables, chairs, cubicles, and full conference rooms. We have the ability to customize your office to your needs.

For more information about Satellite Shelters and to see the type of products and services we provide, visit our website: http://www.satelliteco.com/products/

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What makes our inspection process great?


At Satellite Shelters, cleanliness of our modular buildings is an important aspect to our delivery process.

Before any building is delivered to a customer, we put it through an over 50-point inspection process to bring it back to like new quality. Because even if a building isn’t new to us, it’s new to you.

Here are a few examples of the depths we go to make sure the building is clean and working for our customers:

  • Tile is cleaned and waxed and/or carpeting is vacuumed and shampooed
  • Flooring, walls, and ceiling tiles are repaired or replaced and free from holes, dents, or tears
  • Flooring and roofing is checked for soft spots or holes and replaced or repaired as needed
  • Doors, hinges, and framing are functioning and free from damage
  • The undercarriage and building exterior are checked for safety during transport
  • Exterior siding is checked for missing screws or fasteners
  • HVAC filters, coils, vents, and thermostats are clean and working
  • Desks, tables, and cabinets are polished, clean, and working

If the unit includes a restroom:

  • Check for plumbing or water heater leaks
  • Plumbing and water heater connections are working and not cracked
  • Exhaust fan is cleaned and working
  • Clean and polish all restroom fixtures

You need a building that functions the way it should and we want our customers to be completely satisfied with the end product we send to their job-sites. That’s why we double-check everything from the inside out and underneath.

Visit our website to watch a video on how Satellite Mobile Offices can increase your productivity: http://www.satelliteco.com/product/mobile-offices/

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7 Back to School Safety Tips


Safety is important and starts at home. Make sure you share these tips from the National Safety Council whether your kids are walking, biking, or riding the bus to school .It’s important to teach them the importance of safety at an early age and remind them throughout the school year.

  • Always choose to walk on the sidewalk, if one is available. If one is not available, walk on the side that faces traffic so drivers can see you coming at them on their side of the road.
  • Before crossing the street while walking or biking, stop and look left, right, then left again to check that no cars are coming and it is safe to cross.
  • If your child bikes to school, make sure they always wear a bike helmet.
  • Bikers should ride on the side of the road that goes with the flow of traffic. If they are riding with friends, they should bike in a single-file so they don’t take up the road.
  • If your child rides the bus, go to the bus stop with them and teach them the proper way to get on and off the bus. If your child needs to cross the street, always do so in front of the bus and at least 10 feet ahead so the bus driver can see them. (Don’t forget to teach them to look both ways before crossing the street!)
  • If parents are not going to be home after school, make sure the child has a way to get inside the house.
  • If they are going to be home alone, make sure they have phone numbers for parents, trusted neighbors, and near-by relatives that they can call in an emergency. Teach them to always lock the doors and never answer or let strangers in if they knock or ring the bell.

We hope these tips are helpful to get the conversation started about safety in your home and school.

What tips would you share with your kids?

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Two Benefits of using Modular Construction vs. Traditional Construction for Classroom Space

By now, hopefully you’ve seen our blog post on the Benefits of Modular Buildings and Portable Classrooms for Schools. If you haven’t, check it out here: https://satmodular.com/2016/02/15/portable-classroom-benefits/

In that post, we listed a couple benefits for schools to utilize Portable Classrooms when they run out of space. In this post, we’re going to dive deeper into two of those benefits: factory built and modular flexibility.

Modular Buildings are built in factory controlled settings.
Now, you might be thinking: “Does that mean robots construct your buildings?” And while we’d like to say yes (because how cool would that be?!), that’s not quite what we mean.

The factory where Satellite’s Modular Buildings are built are more like big warehouses with assembly lines and construction stations. Each station has certified workers that are responsible for a single component of the modular building construction process, including framing, electrical, duct work, and drywall/finishing to name a few.

One of the benefits of building modular buildings in a factory means it is easier to control construction conditions:

  • There is no delay due to weather.
    The factory warehouses are covered so they can continue to work on your modular building even if it is down pouring or blizzard conditions.
  • There is much better material quality control.
    Materials are stored inside the warehouse, so there is no wear and tear from weather or water damage to worry about.
  • Factory built doesn’t mean we skimp on inspections.
    Satellite’s modular buildings undergo the same inspections at every step of the construction process just like traditional construction sites do. We also participate in additional inspections to make sure our buildings are ‘road-ready’ so they can be transported to your school safely.

Modular Buildings are flexible in both size and configuration.
Satellite Shelters stocks several different types of portable classrooms which include options such as single or double classrooms, restrooms, hallways, science rooms, and cafeterias. Check out our inventory to see a few of these options on our website, here: [http://www.satelliteco.com/inventory/education-buildings/]

If a standard layout won’t fit your needs, there are additional options for you to consider. Build a new building or modify an existing space. Walls and doors can be added to existing portable classrooms to meet the need of your school. Satellite Shelters can provide modular building space for:

  • Administrative or Teachers Offices
  • Libraries and Computer Rooms
  • Science and Home Economics Classes
  • Cafeterias
  • Music Rooms
  • Press Boxes
  • Equipment Storage
  • And more!

Satellite Shelters has flexible financing options and can rent and sell both new and used equipment. So, whether you’re looking for a few additional classrooms or a whole new school, Satellite Shelters can help you ease classroom overcrowding and meet your school’s growing needs with portable classrooms and modular building solutions.

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What to do when you need to rebuild or renovate after a natural disaster

Natural disasters happen. They are usually scary, sometimes dangerous, and we almost always think they won’t happen to us. But what happens when they do?

Ignoring them might be your short-term solution, but it’s best to put a little thought into what you’ll do if a natural disaster happens at your place of business.

Putting a plan together includes not only a safety kit and having supplies in case of an emergency, but also how you will handle what needs to be done after the dust settles.

Putting together a Business Continuity Plan or Disaster Recovery Plan doesn’t have to be hard. Here are 2 things to consider if you experience damage after a natural disaster.

If you’ve determined that rebuilding is in your future, consider modular construction.

Utilizing modular construction gets you back up and running up to 35% faster over stick-built construction. This is due to the fact that your building is built in a factory and delivered to your location while the site is being prepared with foundations and utilities. Once site-work is completed, your building is assembled using our modular construction process. No need to wait for materials to arrive or delays due to weather.

Because your building is constructed in a factory, there is less material waste. There is tighter inventory control and protection for building materials from weather deterioration, ultimately saving you money. Your business is also up and running up to 35% sooner, meaning you open your doors back up for customers that much faster.

Satellite Shelters, Inc. combines building design and construction into one hassle-free solution to solve your space needs. For more information on our design/build process, visit our website at http://www.satelliteco.com/products/modular-building-design/

Satellite Shelters’ Mobile Offices and Modular Buildings are a great way to continue your company’s operations while your permanent facilities are repaired and remodeled. We get you back up and running with minimal downtime.

Our buildings are easily deploy-able, set up quickly, and can stay on site temporarily until you finish renovating. Our products include Mobile Offices, Administrative Offices, Portable Classrooms, Conference and Training Rooms, Cafeterias and Lunch Rooms, Storage Containers, and Blast Resistant Modules. We can even supply the necessary office equipment, furniture, and other products and services that you need to continue business as usual.

Check out this video to see how Vilonia United Methodist Church utilized Modular Construction and Satellite Shelters to continue services for their congregation after a tornado destroyed their existing space:

No one likes to think about disaster, but it’s critical to be prepared. With a national network of resources, Satellite Shelters, Inc. is prepared to help you when you are at your most vulnerable.

For more information on how we can help you with your disaster recovery & business continuity plans, visit our website at http://www.satelliteco.com/disaster-recovery/

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5 Equipment Options for Plants and Refineries

When it comes to keeping your workforce safe, there are a lot of options to consider. Personal protective equipment and other items such as forklifts, tie downs, ladders, etc. that make employees safe on the job-site are usually what come to mind, but what about the office or storage building to house additional workers or tools and equipment?

It’s important to also consider the building that employees work out of, especially in high risk industrial areas like plants or refineries. You cannot stop every accident, but being prepared can help you avoid them.

Satellite Shelters provides safe space and equipment options that were built with your safety in mind.

Blast Resistant Modules (BRMs)

Multi-wide and Multi-level Blast Resistant Modules

Satellite Safety Shelters BRMs are rated to withstand a blast from 1 to 8 PSI and up to 200 milliseconds in duration. These buildings meet the American Petroleum Institute’s Recommended Practice # 753 (API RP-753) which provides guidance for reducing the risk to personnel located in portable buildings from potential explosion, fire, and toxic release hazards.

There are different options for BRM configurations, including:

  • Single-wide units
    • For use on small job-sites or when limited personnel need safe building access.
  • Multi-wide units
    • For use on bigger job-sites with lots of personnel.
    • Can also be used for conference, lunchroom, or safety huddle space.
  • Multi-level units
    • For use with limited job-site space when the only way to go is up.
    • Combined with the single-wide units to create a quad office formation.
    • Combined with the multi-wide units, this configuration offers a lot of different use options.

Modular Buildings

Modular Building from Satellite Shelters

Satellite’s modular buildings are manufactured in a factory-controlled environment to the same standards as traditional construction. Modular Buildings are built as individual units and shipped to your job-site in pieces. Once all the pieces are on-site, the units are assembled together to create your building design.

Mobile Offices

Single-Wide Mobile Offices from Satellite Shelters

Mobile Offices come in single- or multi-wide configurations in a variety of sizes and floor plans. The most common use is for contractor’s offices on traditional construction sites, but we’ve also seen them used as temporary office space for hiring trailers, cooling or warming stations for special events, or even for ticket sales and guard houses.

Single-wide sizes range from 8′ x 20′ to 12′ x 60′ and can include private offices and restrooms. Our most common double-wide size is 24′ x 60′ which contains 4 private offices and a large open area for conference or cubical office space.

Storage Containers

Storage Containers from Satellite Shelters

Satellite’s storage containers come in 2 sizes: 8′ x 20′ and 8′ x 40′. They have corrugated steel sides and are wind and water tight to keep your materials dry and protected. Large cargo doors allow entry for pallet loading and unloading and a security lock box can be installed.

Additional Products & Services

Additional Products & Services from Satellite Shelters, Inc.

Satellite Shelters can offer additional products and services to make your job-site safer and more comfortable, offering you greater time savings and invoicing headaches.

Products include:

  • Furniture
  • Portable restrooms & hand-washing stations
  • Steps & ramps
  • Door & Window security options
  • And more

Services include:

  • Previously rented modular buildings for lease or purchase
  • Relocation & installation of customer owned units
  • Refurbishing & repair services
  • Parts & materials

Products and services vary by market so check with your Satellite Representative for more details.

Satellite Safety Shelters’ mission is to be a leader in providing integrated space solutions that keep our customers’ workforce safe in areas where occupational risks are high. Click below to get personalized options for your next project!

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